Obama, grow a pair!!

By Robert The Silent Majority

MSNBC strikes again…

Report: N. Korea tests 2 short-range missiles
Move follows powerful nuclear test that drew worldwide condemnation

SEOUL, South Korea - North Korea reportedly tested two more short-range missiles Tuesday, a day after detonating a nuclear bomb underground, pushing the regime further into a confrontation with world powers despite the threat of U.N. action.

The problem is this; they do not fear either the UN or The United States. Recent administration decisions have rendered us laughable in the eyes of our enemies and therefore not worthy of fear or respect. The UN is a toothless and inept collection of “do gooders” who, without the backing of a strong United States, amount to little more than a whining group of pansies crying “don’t hit me or I will tell my mom”.

Two missiles — one ground-to-air, the other ground-to-ship — with a range of about 80 miles were test-fired from an east coast launch pad, South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported, citing an unidentified government official.

Does anybody have any doubt that these are the missiles that will show up along the US coast hidden in a cargo ship? Just pray that the blinding flash of light you see is caused by something other than a ship launched nuclear missile. North Korea is a rouge nation that would have little sleep loss over selling their technology to the highest bidder.

Pyongyang also warned ships to stay away from waters off its western coast this week, a sign it may be gearing up for more missile tests, South Korea's coast guard said.
North Korea is "trying to test whether they can intimidate the international community" with its nuclear and missile activity, said Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

Why is it they think they can get away with such intimidation? It could be the signals the US has been sending with its recent appeasement and reconciliation tour.

Why would the likes of Kim Jung IL fear a nation that is afraid to call an extremist packed with explosives blowing up innocent civilians a terrorist?

Why would he fear a nation that lacks the will to actually win a war?

Why fear a nation that spends its time debating whether or not a cold bath is torture whiles its enemies routinely lop of the heads of our soldiers.

What is it exactly that they are supposed to fear?

Are they supposed to fear tough rhetoric, trade sanctions or maybe a visit from Al Gore to admonish them on the dangers of global warming caused by nuclear blasts?

"But we are united, North Korea is isolated and pressure on North Korea will increase," Rice said. On Monday, President Barack Obama assailed Pyongyang, accusing it of engaging in "reckless" actions that have endangered the region, and the North accused Washington of hostility.

Succinctly, who gives a crap what they say.

North Korea appeared to be displaying its might following its underground atomic test that the U.N. Security Council condemned as a "clear violation" of a 2006 resolution banning the regime from developing its nuclear program.

The reason they continually test and break the rules is that they have figured out that there is no substantive penalty. So what if we enact trade restrictions the only ones who will suffer will be the innocent civilians. The war machine will trudge along just fine. They understand that the worst that will happen is we will talk them to death.

France called for new sanctions, while the U.S. and Japan pushed for strong action against North Korea for testing a bomb that Russian officials said was comparable in power to those dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II.

What exactly is this strong action they are pushing for?

China said it "resolutely opposed" North Korea's test and urged Pyongyang to return to talks on ending its atomic programs.

Fat chance, the time for ending the program was before they actually had a nuke. Stopping it now is like trying to refold a map or put Humpty Dumpty back together.

Russia, once a key backer of North Korea, condemned the test. Moscow's U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, the current Security Council president, said the 15-member council would begin work "quickly" on a new resolution.

But many questioned whether new punishment would have any effect on a nation already penalized by numerous sanctions and clearly dismissive of the Security Council's jurisdiction.

Somebody gets it at least. Sanctions are probably not going to produce any positive results. There has to be some substantive action against North Korea, of substance enough to be a deterrent for the Irany version of Napoleon as well.

I agree that the North Koreans are recalcitrant and very difficult to hold to any agreement that they sign up to," Britain's ambassador to the U.N., John Sawers, told the British Broadcasting Corp. "But there is a limited range of options here."

When faced with a limited range of options lets hope they do not choose inaction. Somewhere along the line, if we hope to survive as a country in this new dangerous world, we have got to grow a pair. We have got to stand up and call evil by its name and defeat it in any manner necessary.

This new era of political correctness and toothless sanctions has done nothing except produce a new generation of brash and increasingly dangerous despots. It is time for action, not more meaningless rhetoric and idiotic admonitions.


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