Obama Thinks Austrian is a Language

Remember everyone bashing Bush's intellect? Remember all those youtube clips of Bush saying things like "strategery?" Well, perhaps people were too hard on him, for it seems even the Annointed One makes mistakes. See below from his speech in Strasbourg, France:

It was also interesting to see that political interaction in Europe is not that different from the United States Senate. There’s a lot of — I don’t know what the term is in Austrian — wheeling and dealing — and, you know, people are pursuing their interests, and everybody has their own particular issues and their own particular politics.

Austrians speak German and Italian primarily, as well as French — and I’m sure some Austrians speak languages ranging from Albanian to Swahili, being an intelligent and cultured people. However, none of the speak Austrian, because it doesn’t exist.

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TEXGIRL said...

Actually, Austrians will tell you that they speak "Austrian German" as opposed to "German"...And let's get something straight: Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School where he also served as Editor of the Harvard Law Review (the first Black to ever do so). He's brilliant. G.W. -- who would not have been admitted to Yale if he hadn't been the 38th member of his family to attend (that's right...the 38th) graduated at the bottom of his class, on the other hand,with a record of C's and D's (not a single A on his college record,only a couple of B's). If you want to trash Obama, it's unwise to try to do it by comparing the intellects of these two men. Bush is, and always was, a mental light weight.

Guest said...

Ohhhhh - a tingle just ran up the back of my leg. Wish I knew some Austrian-German, instead of just German-German.

Notoriously Conservative said...

"let's get something straight"

Thanks for straightening me out. It's always nice when a liberal takes a time to straighten out a stupid backwards hick like myself.

TEXGIRL said...

no problem, glad to help...we understand that you conservatives are challenged. After all..Palin didn't know that Iran has a democratically elected gov't & thought that Alaska's proximity to Russia made her an expert on foreign affairs ... while McCain (that expert on Iraq) didn't know the difference between Sunni & Shia, and his grasp of economics was such that he felt that the "fundamentals of the economy [were] sound" just as the stock market was crashing. Brilliant folks, those Republicans...(By the way McCain ALSO graduated at the VERY bottom of his class at the Naval Academy. And Palin --who can't name one publication she reads -- attended 5 or 6 colleges before she could get a degree.)

Guest said...

Really? That's all you have? Obama must be the greatest president ever if this is all you can whine about.

Chappy said...

Wow, you bring so many interesting and ineffective arguments against conservatives. How about these interesting and equally ineffective arguments against liberals:
1. Obama publically stated he had visited all 57 states.
2. Obama bows to the Saudi King and gives the Queen of England an Ipod, and the Prime Minister a box set of DVD's. Must be that Harvard education that taught him completely backward cultural awareness.
3. Have you seen a video of Obama when he either gets a tough question with no teleprompter, or he gets lost on his teleprompter...hilarious. At least Bush knew he was awkward and went with it, Obama tries to maintain this false sense of superior oration over others when in reality he is an empty suit.
4. Two words: "Special Olympics". Must be that brilliant Harvard trained, elitist education that sets him above all.
5. Obama recently stated: "The fundamentals of the economy are strong"

I can go on and on, so don't bring your "Conservatives are challenged and liberals are perfect" attitude here. Also, some of the richest, smartest people in the world either didn't go to college, or graduated low in their class. Graduation position means nothing two years after graduation.

Being the editor-in-chief of a law review is not that hard to get once you're on a law review. The members of the law review itself vote for their board members. In other words, out of the 60 members of the law review, you only need a total of 31 votes to get the editor position. Not that spectacular, and it certainly doesn't show that Obama is somehow a better president. Stupid liberals.

Notoriously Conservative said...

"Really? That's all you have? Obama must be the greatest president ever if this is all you can whine about."

Wow, I know that must make sense to a liberal, but we conservatives, who use logic, would call that a bit of a leap.

Chappy said...

I have a couple more reasons for you since you obviously didn't read my last comment (the one where I made fun of TXGIRL by using her same ridiculous logic against her only to make fun of the way she presented her argument). But as a liberal elitist you probably understood that and chose to thumb your nose and make snide comments instead.

Obama's approval rating is steadily dropping for a number of reasons, but I'll try to compartmentalize them into easy to understand libtard approved bullet points.

1. Economic Stupidity
Not only has Obama used the current economic crisis to pass his ungodly (un)economic stimulus package, but he has never actually addressed the real problem in this economic crisis. The real problem is that free markets go up and down, and businesses that make bad decisions go out of business, they don't get money from the government to continue making bad decisions. Obama, in all his glory, continues to blame this crisis on education, health care, and energy. He claims that these things caused the crisis, and through these things we will get out of the crisis. That is like carrying a man with a bullet wound into the emergency room, leave the bullet would open and attempt to convince the doctor that the person needs breast implants, a new prosthetic hip, and Lasik eye surgery. STUPID, and the people know it.

2. Foreign Policy
Obama has done an excellent job of offending our allies, and reaching out to our enemies. As mentioned before, a collection of DVD's was an excellent gift idea to a visiting prime minister and an ipod is an equally thoughtful gift for the Queen of England. Also, it seems peculiar that Obama has suddenly adopted many of the "failed policies" of Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan. STUPID and the people know it!

3. Appointments
How many appointments have dropped out because of simple things like...o...TAXES! Obama really seems to have great judgment, maybe experience is overrated after all. Obama's judgment seems to be making up for his lack of experience. Also, it does seem like Obama has consistently surrounded himself with people who the average citizen would label "The Scum of the Earth." For example: Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko,
Rashid Khalidi, and Michael Pfleger to name a few.

If you need more examples let me know.

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