Obama Picks Episcopal Church for Easter

Why an Episcopal Church? Well, because it was close I guess. Reverend Wright is just too far away.

President Obama and his family celebrated Easter Sunday close to home: St. John's Church, located across from the White House.

Actually he didn't pick it at all. And this might not be his permanent place of worship. Apparently, he is leaving that choice up to his staff. I might just be silly this way, but I always figured the best way to find the right church was through earnest prayer, contemplation, investigation and perhaps even fasting. But this works too I guess.

Obama has sent aides to scout more than a dozen churches, but the first family hasn't yet made a decision. Advisers say Obama is going to be careful with the pick because reporters will dig into the church's and pastor's history.

But, in Obama's defense, it is a popular pick with presidents. And unlike the leftist bloggers, I feel it necessary to report the whole truth.

St. John's is popular with presidents. President George W. Bush often attended services there, and church history contends that every president since James Madison, the nation's fourth chief executive, has visited.

This was the first time he has been to church since taking office. Once in four months, alright... Nice to have a religious man in office.

It was the first public worship services for the president since he took office.

I'll give him this, at least he went to church. I'll give him another, at least it wasn't Rev. Wright. But come on Obama, look at least partially sincere, and find your own place of worship.




Tony S @ veeringright.blogspot.com said...

Of greater concern to me is the fact that this self-proclaimed Christian hasn't been to church since he was inaugurated.

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