Liberal Protests Ok - Conservative Protests are Right-Wing Extremism

Remember Obama labeling anyone who doesn't agree with his policies as a right wing extremist? Well, our buddies at Homers on the Range have posted a link to what the liberals consider as ok forms and topics of protest.


Guest said...

Oooh, I think you've got it backwards. Liberal protests = left-wing extremism, conservative protests = okay. That seems to be the viewpoint expressed by your beloved FOX News channel in its complete reversal on the subject of protests in general, to go as far as to actively support and actually HOST these events. Do you guys have any values that don't flip depending on whether you're winning or losing?

Chappy said...

"Do you guys have any values that don't flip depending on whether you're winning or losing?"

Since when did the self proclaimed liberal crowd become the voice of morality and values? What possible values can a crowd proclaiming "moral relativism" contribute to society? AND, why is it a problem when a channel televises a group's protest? Fox news gave great coverage to liberal group's protests on everything from "Code Pink" to good ol' fashioned "George W Bashing". Does that mean the channel somehow endorsed the views of those groups? No, but they gave an accounting of it so that the viewers could decide what to think of it.

I never had a problem with left wing protests against war, George W, or anything else for that matter. I think its great that people have their viewpoint and express it. I do, however, take great offense when my views get second guessed simply because of where they fall on the political spectrum (middle to right side). You sound like a middle school teenager attempting to tell his classmate "I protested before it was cool", or "liberals are the ORIGINAL protesters and conservatives SOOOOOOOO stole our idea." Stupid, just stupid.

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