Global Warming Fight

Newt Gingrich brings up a good point that I have never thought about before. Liberals, like Al Gore, argue two separate issues: 1) global warming is happening, and 2) liberal ideas are the only ideas that should be used to counter its effects. Liberals attempt to clump these two issues into one: global warming is happening AND the only way to counter it is with liberal ideals and liberal choices. This idea is entirely flawed. There are a number of ideas that Newt points out in this video that are every bit as plausible to counter the effects of global warming that are not backed, or sanctioned by the liberal left. For example, the left attacks coal plants for emitting large amounts of CO2. Liberals argue that the ONLY action that can be taken is to shut down all the coal plants, and invest in specific areas of "green energy". (i.e. wind mills, solar, etc.) When in actuality there are other safe, proven alternatives like nuclear energy. But liberals don't want that! They came up with global warming! It is part of their agenda! They should decide what is an "approved" alternative! Not you right wing war-mongers! (...ridiculous logic...)


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