Cluelessness Abounds - Senate Wants Control Over Computer Networks?

I'm going to expand on a previous post here about the Senate wanting to be able to shutdown computer networks when there is a cyber attack. I'm a network administrator and I'm here to tell you that computer systems and networks are ALWAYS under attack. Yup, 24/7/365. As a geek, one of the things I do for fun is see where those attacks are coming from. Russia and China are on the list of course, but the vast majority of attacks come from the good ol' U S of A...mostly Florida. I had an discussion this week with a vendor who specializes in security and his opinion is that Florida ranks so high because there are so many retirees there with broadband that don't do anything to secure their systems. So, without their knowledge, they are unwittingly part of the problem. Anywho, back to the legistlature, it would seem that we would need to just shut down our systems and not be on the internet at all according to the Senate. Yeah, that's gonna happen.



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