Why Doesn't Anyone Want to Be Part of Obama's Cabinet?

What is with all of these people "withdrawing" from Obama's cabinet positions? Well, three possibilities. First, they know this is a sinking ship on the way to the murky depths of socialism. Second, they are crooked, and scared to be exposed in the vetting process. And third, both the first and second reason.


Jeannetta said...

I pick reason three! Someone said to me that every president has this happen, but THIS president seems to be having more than the *average*.

Franklin's Locke said...

I can't remember Clinton or Bush have this many issues with Cabinet posts. This seems to fit the third reason, leaning toward the second reason and they are crooked.

The one thing I cannot understand is that Obama had this detailed questionnaire. What happened to that? Did he not read that either?

And…how does Hillary Clinton pass through while all these others were caught. All that shows is that Obama picked people that were more corrupt than Clinton.

And…not only is that sad but very corrupt!


Chappy said...

This is just one of the many evidences that Obama is completely, totally, and utterly unprepared to be President of the United States. This is precisely what happens when an empty shirt who gets elected on rhetoric gets into office, he assumes that whatever he does and says will be accepted. All the while the American people suffer because of this idiot's mishandling of his authority and office.

Just ridiculous!

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