US Soldiers And Apache Engage Insurgents After Being Hit By An IED & Small Fire - Video

US military convoy was hit by an IED, soldiers stopped to check out the damage and suddenly ambushed by insurgent small fire, and quickly the soldiers return fire at insurgents with some help from Apaches, at the end all the insurgents are terminated and only 1 wounded us soldier who got hit by a small shrapnel by an IED.

It's amazing to see the fire power these soilders respond with. Those insurgent mo-fo's hit them with an IED, and they respond with .50 cal's, Apache Rockets, etc. It's just amazing.


Anonymous said...

Our boys give 'em major hell every time. How stupid can a towelhead be? God bless America - and those who defend it!!

Anonymous said...

When you say "towelhead," i think you mean "diaperhead."

Dinah Lord said...

"They lit those phukers us, those hellfires..."

God, our guys are impressive.

God bless them each and every one.

Anonymous said...

When you use epithets like that, you're the one that ends up looking stupid.

Disrespecting your enemy makes you underestimate him, which makes you vulnerable. You want to win the war on terror? Look at them as enemy soldiers that are in every way as motivated, intelligent, and resourceful as our own men and women.

Not to mention that we're fighting their war, on their terms, we are further away from victory than we've ever been, and a successful military campaign in Afghanistan was last led by Alexander the Great. Not too bad for a couple of "stupid diaperheads".

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