Rain Forests Can be Regrown?

Don't tell me I donated all of those quarters to save the rain forest for nothing? No one told me we could simply plant another one. All those wasted quarters. I say, we cut it all down so we can use the wood for nice toilet paper, hard wood floors and toothpicks, then just replant it later. Not only would that create jobs in harvesting the wood, but all the libtards could get jobs replanting it. Win, win.

April 17, 2008
How campus researchers helped to rescue a rain forest
By Beth Skwarecki

Half a century after most of Costa Rica's rain forests were cut down, researchers from the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Sciences (BTI) on the Cornell campus are attempting what many thought was impossible -- restoring a tropical rain forest ecosystem.

When the researchers planted worn-out cattle pastures in Costa Rica with a sampling of local trees in the early 1990s, native species of plants began to move in and flourish, raising the hope that destroyed rain forests could one day be replaced.

Ten years after the tree plantings, Cornell graduate student Jackeline Salazar counted the species of plants that took up residence in the shade of the new planted areas. She found remarkably high numbers of species -- more than 100 in each plot. And many of the new arrivals were also to be found in nearby remnants of the original forests.



Jeannetta said...

Why is common sense such a HARD concept???

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