Prejudice, Reverse Discrimination, Affirmative Action and Other Useless Practices

I know that prejudice still exists. I know that in some communities racism still exists. But, I do think that our country has made incredible strides to rid our country of both. I am not trying to say that past actions by so many were not reprehensible, they certainly were. But I wonder, why is reverse discrimination still ok? In other words, if we truly want to eliminate discrimination or racism, why do we allow preferential policies that favor historically-discriminated groups? We are told over and over, in school, in the media, in daily conversation that prejudice is wrong, that all people are equal, that to discriminate against someone for any reason is socially unacceptable; yet we have things like affirmative action.

Some would argue that this preferential treatment given to previously discriminated groups is simply making up for the wrongs of the past. Ok, but when is enough, enough? When have these debts been paid? Furthermore I, and most all of the people affected by this reverse-discrimination have never committed wrongs against those of other ethnicities. Why should we be forced to pay the debt of those that we never knew, and in all likelihood have no relation to, aside from the color of our skin? Further, what of the old adage, two wrongs don’t make a right? Further, how does BET, Ebony magazine, Miss Black America, the NAACP, The United Negro College Fund, etc. compensate for past wrongs? How does a program like affirmative action that promotes the very thing it was created to combat, some how make things fair?

At what point does the idea of compensation or payback become an excuse? When does it become a crutch? A scapegoat for your own problem, your own mistakes, your own actions, your own decisions? I would argue, immediately.


snaggletoothie said...

It's usually a mistake to take a lefty at his word. If, as they say, they are against discrimination on the basis of race they would fight against whites being discriminated against. But obviously their actions tell us they are only against discrimination against their own special interest groups. Their actions say they care nothing about fairness: they just care about taking care of their own. They are Chicago style politics trying to go nation wide and international.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, that affirmative action is not what is best for our country. As a matter of fact, I consider myself a Libertarian when it comes to matters of Governmental power and special interest programs. Still, I think you fail to make this article accessible to all who are interested in the subject. Merely the tag-line of your site would drive me away if I was liberal, which I am on matters concerning war and civil rights. I feel that your opinion, however valid, will likely only be received by like-minded conservatives. This is fine if thats all your aim is, of course, but then again, isn't the whole point of writing a persuasive article to persuade someone?

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