Obama on Leno

Obama on Leno was mostly a crapfest, not worth repeating, though Leno did have one good point. Leno confronted Obama on the Administration using tax policy to punish private citizens and companies:

Mr. Leno was even more negative to the House plan, saying it "kind of scared me."

"If the government decides they don't like a guy, all of the sudden hey we're going to tax you, and, boom, and it passes, that's seems a little scary," he said. "It was frightening to me as an American that Congress or whoever could decide I don't like that group, let's pass a law and tax them 90 percent."


He's absolutely right, it is scary. What AIG did might be wrong, but the government punishing them by excising a 90% tax is beyond reproach. Suppose they decide they don't like my blog, and want to tax my income by 90%? Suppose they don't like Rush Limbaugh and his readers, and excise a Limbaugh tax? Tax legislation should not be used as a form of punishment, plain and simple. Obama has crossed the line, again.


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