Global Warming on Hold? Or a Scam?

Global Warming: On Hold?
Michael Reilly, Discovery News

March 2, 2009 -- For those who have endured this winter's frigid temperatures and today's heavy snowstorm in the Northeast, the concept of global warming may seem, well, almost wishful.

But climate is known to be variable -- a cold winter, or a few strung together doesn't mean the planet is cooling. Still, according to a new study, global warming may have hit a speed bump and could go into hiding for decades.

Earth's climate continues to confound scientists. Following a 30-year trend of warming, global temperatures have flatlined since 2001 despite rising greenhouse gas concentrations, and a heat surplus that should have cranked up the planetary thermostat.

Let's look at this a second. But climate is known to be variable -- Interesting, interesting. So if the climate is variable, wouldn't that account for the 30 year warming period as well? Or is that conveniently a one way street?

...a cold winter, or a few strung together doesn't mean the planet is cooling. Interesting, so wouldn't the converse be true? A few years of warming strung together doesn't mean the planet is heating up?

Come on people, I've been saying it all along, the climate is cyclical. Before humans were even here the Earth has NATURALLY cooled and heated. There have been thousands of warming periods and cooling periods. They come and go, and nothing humans do is going to change that. Me lighting a fart isn't going to cause global warming. You not shaving your armpits, and eating tofu isn't going to stop the earth from warming up. It's in God's hands, all he asks is that we are good stewards of the planet he blessed us with.

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Global Warming: On Hold?


Franklin's Locke said...

The global climate change agenda is a farce. I would like for a climatologist to answer the question of what is the correct temperature for the Earth, the temperature now, before the Ice Age, maybe during the Ice Age, or right after the Ice Age. The fact is all of these are different and no constant. That stretches over millions of years. So, this proves that there is not a correct temperature.

Besides, this agenda is all about government power and redistribution of the wealth and nothing to do with the environment.

Silent_Majority said...

I think that global warming alarmists tend to ignore nature in this equation anyway. Volcanos have been spewing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere long before we were here. Cows have been farting and animals have been breating out C02 for thousands of years. I think our mechanical contributions are neglible by comparison.

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