Global Warming Hoax Refuted

The following charts are from the Heartland Institute sponsored, 2009 International Conference on Climate Change in New York.

This one, by Dennis Avery, puts the climate swings of the last 12,000 years (i.e., since the last Ice Age) in perspective.

This one, by Syun Akasofu, also takes a long-term view, and compares the politically-driven prediction by the UN's IPCC with the historical trend as the earth has recovered from the Little Ice Age.

Don Easterbrook makes the basic point that, contrary to the hysterical predictions of the alarmists, the earth is cooling, not warming.

This one by Dennis Avery shows the lack of any correlation between atmospheric CO2 and temperatures in the atmosphere.

Don Easterbrook compares the correlations of solar activity and CO2 concentration to temperature. It seems pretty obvious where the explanation for fluctuations in temperature lies.

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Anonymous said...

:) So Right:)

Anonymous said...

U rock;)

Dave said...

Finally some real charts of climate warming and cooling cycles.

I would love to see some graphs of CO2 infrared absoption Versus H2O, O2, and N2.

For 10,000 molecules of air only 4 of those are molecules are CO2. Pretty insignificant. The percent of mass in air due to carbon is less than 0.017%. All gases absorb and emit infrared heat. Compared to cloud cover, the infrared absorption of CO2 is irrelavant. Clouds reflect sunlight during the day cooling the earth, and at night they capture the earth heat and stablize the temperature. Compared to the effects of clouds CO2 is negligible.

Chip said...

You believe in science, you trust it, and study it but only when it coincides with your beliefs and purposes. It's rather sad really. At least you're getting the climate change bit correct, now if we can just get you to pay attention to the scientific facts regarding evolution you'll really be getting somewhere.

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