ACORN Behind the Bonus Protests?

From our friend Captain Dreadlocke, in the message boards:

I couldn't make up something this ludicrous. The groups behind the protest busses are ACORN and the Conneticut Working Families party. The CWF, according the wiki, has ties to ACORN, SEIU and the UAW. Let me simplify this for you- ACORN, a receiver of TARP funds, is using pro-union organizations to attack AIG for legally paying its CONTRACT bonuses. Your tax dollars funded not only the bonuses, but the protests against the bonuses, by groups that specialize in squeezing contract bonus programs out of employers. Can you smell the transparency oozing up between your toes?

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Franklin's Locke said...

Well...they didn't do a great job. Obama should fire them. They could only get 40 people to show up. There were more media members than protestors. Conservatives did much better in the Orlando Tea Party with 4,000.

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