Utah Governor John Huntsman Running for President in 2012?

I personally don't completely like his policies. He supports civil unions, and is big into global warming. Though, he is conservative on a lot of issues, and seems to be fiscally conservative, so I wouldn't quite call him a RINO.

From the Deseret News:

Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. is looking more and more like a presidential candidate for the GOP nomination in 2012.

During a trip this week to Washington, D.C., for a meeting of the National Governors' Association, Huntsman will make two political stops, including one in South Carolina.

As the first Southern state to vote in a presidential primary, South Carolina is seen as a critical test for candidates. Political insiders there are often courted very early in the election cycle, long before candidates declare they're in the race.

Huntsman, already being touted as a presidential contender by the Washington Post and other national media, will get a chance to introduce himself to a group of key South Carolina Republicans at a dinner hosted Friday night by that state's GOP attorney general, Henry McMaster.

"That is a sign there is at least some thought of a presidential campaign," said Matthew Wilson, a professor at Southern Methodist University in Dallas who specializes in religion and politics. Huntsman needs to visit early primary states because, Wilson said, he is unknown to anyone who's not closely following the race.

"Only people who are really, really political junkies are talking about him now. He's third tier," Wilson said, behind a handful of better-known likely candidates including former Utah Olympic leader Mitt Romney, who ran unsuccessfully for the GOP nomination in 2008.

Excerpt, read the rest here.


papertiger said...

I'm indifferent to civil unions. The way I figure, homosexuality's a survival mechanism for people living under a government openly hostile to procreation.

But this other thing. Believeing in, or paying lip service to global warming is a sign of shallow, dishonest, or defective reasoning, and it precludes a candidate from higher office.
You can't be a fiscal conservative and be big into global warming.
The two things are mutually exclusive. It's like a virgin claiming to be sort of pregnant.
Who needs another democrat running under the GOP banner?
This Huntsman if he has any concern for the country at all, will bow out now, making it perfectly clear to whatever media is banging the drum,, that if nominated he will not run, if elected he will not serve.

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