Some Pigs are More Equal Than Others

By Derek

James Lewis over at the American Thinker has hit the nail on the head with what the Obama and other leftists are doing. They want us to become like Europe; Socialists. He does a great analysis:

Just before the election, Barack Obama made fifteen references to "pie" in 100 seconds of a speech -- all about dividing up that yummy pie of the American economy. His audience laughed and chanted, "Pie! Pie!" to show how hungry they were. In one fell swoop Obama gave away the rapacity of socialism. In his first weeks of his presidency the world has seen how hungry he really is.

While I personally subscribe to Ferris Bueller's take on socialism, i.e. "I'm not European, and I'm not socialist..." I am very concerned. I grew up in the 80's and have watched as the former USSR collapsed, Europe's economy has stagnated and the barbarians from the Middle East have begun to overrun the continent. No thanks. This horrible bill is the left's first chance to do some social engineering, and they are going at it.

The only question is, will we be able to reverse it?


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