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So I was walking through Walmart the other day, looking for diapers and a birthday present under $5 when I came across an Obama poster. You know those racks they have, with all the posters of pro wrestlers, super models, rock bands, etc? Well right there at the end was an Obama poster, with his face composed of the words “yes we can.” Disgusted, I flipped to the next poster, and what do you know, it was a poster of Obama on the cover of Rolling Stone. Sigh.

(Photo by: Jose Luis Magana / AP)
So with a shiver I turned down the aisle to get away from the posters, and hanging there in front of me were Obama blankets. Obama blankets… Does this not strike anyone else as a little Russian or Chinese? Since when have we featured American Presidents on posters, blankets, t-shirts, tote-bags, tattoos, billboards, etc. For me, it conjures images of Communist Russia with grand frescos of Stalin or Lenin. When I think of leaders idolized in this way, I think of China’s Mao, Fidel Castro, or Mussolini. Now, I in no way am comparing Obama to these people (except for the love of socialism they all share, perhaps) but I do think this idolization has gone way, way too far. You don’t see posters and blankets for George Washington, Abraham Lincoln or John Adams.

Americans idolize their Presidents on stamps and coins long after they are dead. And perhaps, just perhaps on a mountainside in South Dakota. But that’s it; not on t-shirts, magazine covers, water bottles, jewelry, shaved into your hair, fannypacks, tube socks and pop-tarts. I don’t hold this position because I don’t like Obama (though, seriously, I don’t like him) no I hold this position because America is America, and we hold the office of President in esteem, but we do not worship the President, we do not pay omage to the President, we do not bow to the President. No, he is simply a first among equals, a servant to the people. Would you put up a poster of your supervisor? Would you wear a t-shirt with your shift leaders ugly face on it? Nope, so why is Obama any different? “Well, he is the first black President.” Well George Washington was the first President of any color, where is that t-shirt? Bah.


Anonymous said...

Well I am glad that I am not the only one that vomits a little in my mouth every time I see this stuff. I am still holding out for the "I spent a trillion of your dollars and all you get for it is this lousy t-shirt" shirt.

Anonymous said...

He is not our president, He is a usurper to the office of POTUS.
watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0sQroiCYNc

RIP said...

I feel the same when I see his face on posters and teeshirts. What is this guy our new president?? or our new God??

I only have one God, there aren't any photos of him.

Good blog, great to see that I'm not the only one who thinks this way.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I've seen GWB dolls and Reagan apparel or you know, everything and anything related to the president. Go to any Democratic or Republican Convention and you'll find presidents and sometimes nominees on everything. I'm pretty sure I've seen the George and Dick Halloween masks out there these last 8 years. So I don't understand this one-sided anger, except you don't open your eyes enough.

Too bad, you are missing out on SO much.

Oh yeah, and I find it funny that people who don't think Obama is president have SO LITTLE faith in their government. You really think someone who wasn't legally qualified would actually even make it past the opportunity to put his name in the hat to be president without someone stepping up and stopping him?? I would think someone in the United States government would have put his nomination into the "no" pile if he REALLY were not legally qualified. So maybe, just MAYBE, he is legal, he is American and gosh darnit, he is our president legally.

Oh and George W. Bush was the president while the nominees were decided, so man, if some Communist Socialist Illegal unAmerican Muslim was allowed to be even nominated, I guess you can blame GWB for not stepping up and stopping him from being on the ballot.

Of course, I’m sure you’ll delete this so whatever.

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