Indoctrinating Our Kids With Global Warming Nonsense

I've been meaning to post this for a while, but haven't. There was an article not to long ago in the NY Times, about Marketing Solar Panels to Fifth-Graders. 5th graders you say? Sounds like indoctrination you say? I agree.

Employees of the Sharp Electronics Corporation were at Joyce Kilmer Elementary School in Mahwah, N.J., recently to teach a lesson on climate change and renewable energy. The cartoon image of an ailing Earth — a thermometer sticking out of its mouth — was the opening slide in their presentation...

“The big picture is, you really want to try to tie your focus on social responsibility as a company into your business model,” Mr. Mitchell said. “The more that students learn about climate change, and the more they learn about the importance of renewable energy — it ties back to feeding into our business model of being in the solar business.”

In other words, making your kids think the earth is sick, is good for business. I've long held with the notion that global warming is scam after the contents of my wallet; this just serves as a reminder.


Franklin's Locke said...

They have been trying to sell this farce to kids for years. We have to “unprogram” our kids from school, which is sad in this country. I have had nipped this in the bud early. My son spouts more facts to discredit global warming than many scientists could. I feel bad for the teacher when they bring up global warming.

Cheryl Pass said...

The government schools are not going to stop this as long as they are operating on Federal money. Indoctrination, social engineering, dumbing's all part of the Socialist agenda and I feel so sorry for the generations who are going to pay the price for this for years and years to come.
I hope people will yell at the top of their lungs against this Global Warming scam. I am.
Thanks for the post.

Anonymous915 said...

I hate to say it, but I prefer they go back to marketing soda pop to kids..

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