Be Grateful..... Conan O'Brien Clip

By Chappy

"We live in an amazing, amazing world, and it's wasted on the crappiest generation of spoiled idiots."

It's amazing how far our society has come, how great we have it compared with...say Africa...and how the majority of individuals living in this country can STILL find something to complain about! Enjoy the clip!


Chappy said...

Funny highlights:

"You are sitting in a chair in the sky!"

"It's going to SPACE! Can you give it a second to get back FROM SPACE?!"

"...When you ran out of money you just go 'well I can't do any more things now".

MrsM said...

Phil Gramm said it last year and people freaked out, probably cause he did it without humor.

Admit it...we're a nation of whiners! Highest amount of prosperity EVER and people complain about having to cut back on going out to restaurants and getting their nails done.

Funny stuff though!

Anonymous said...

I love this.

This is going out to the whooole list, folks.

Thank you, for a total breath of fresh air, especially, after hearing some of the after reports from the self important debacle last night... Whew.

Anonymous said...


I always wonder why people work and work and work, no war destroys the country, but instead of having a better and better live, this doesn't happen. The crap is just shifting from left to right. Instead of wars, "financial crisis" do a less bloody but otherwise equally devastating job. If so many people work for such a long time, why isn't it going better and better for the whole society?

And another question comes up. Is it really improving my quality of live, when I have a mobile phone, an ATM and can fly? Do I have social relationships of higher quality? Do they last longer? Do they make me happier? Can I better manage my financials when I have money (I can't see nor feel) to spend all the time? Do I fly for my personal enjoyment or education or just because I have to work in different countries all the time? (And what does the x-ray above the clouds to my health??)

Well, there are many more questions like this. From my PoV, all this progress solves problems I didn't have before and often solves one problem by creating another.

I want progress giving me more mental space. It would be nice making this world a cleaner, greener, healthier place. Something like creating less war and less hatred and less need for security. That would be wonderful. Technology quite often means "more useless stuff", creating more pollution and more insecurity and more stress. Well, not always.

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