Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Here is Your Subpoena

53-year-old Eddie House of San Carlos, California recycles, composts, and finds homes for his discarded items. He reduced his household waste to the point that he cancelled his garbage pickup service last year. His reward is a lawsuit from the city!

The lawsuit, filed by San Carlos Deputy City Attorney Linda Noeske in San Mateo Superior Court on Jan. 22, seeks a permanent injunction forcing House to maintain garbage service. City officials are also seeking to recoup from House the costs of the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims House broke the city’s municipal code requiring all residential, commercial and industrial properties to contract with Allied Waste for pickup at least once a week — a standard requirement in most cities, San Carlos Deputy City Manager Brian Moura said.

Moura said the suit was the result of complaints from neighbors about House burning garbage. House says he only burns wood. Link

Yep, typical liberal hypocrisy. They tell you to reduce, reuse, and recycle; but if it means you stop giving them money for trash pick-up, well now you’ve gone too far, you dread-locked, tie-dye wearing, tree hugger. The same thing goes for cars and fuel use. They tell us we have to drive less to save the planet, but when people listen, they freak out because gas tax revenues are down. So what do they do? They increase the tax on gas, as well as other taxes, in an effort to make up the difference. So, in sum, the libs want us to be good stewards of the earth, as long as they keep making money off of it.

(image credit: Juan Carlos Pometta Betancourt/The Examiner)


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