Eco House Dollhouse Brainwashes, I Mean Teaches Kids About Sustainable Living

Here’s something for those of you who believe in the you-gotta-start-em-young philosophy of sustainable living: Eco House by WonderWorld Toys.

The house comes equipped with solar roof panels, a wind turbine, recycling bins, a bicycle (there is no car), a rain barrel (aka rainwater tank or water butt) and garden greenery. [...]

Unlike many barren dollhouses, this one comes fully accessorized with a shower, vanity, waste basket, small and large beds, oven, table, three chairs, two parents and a child, a recycle bin, a waste bin and two planters.


Jeannetta said...

At least there are two parents, and they look to be heterosexual.
The ONE child idea is a bit troubling as well.

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