No One is Watching Obama on Youtube?

Washington Times:

Viewership for President-elect Barack Obama's weekly YouTube "fireside chats" has tanked, dropping more than 50 percent since his initial video three weeks ago.

"I've heard a lot of puffed-up rhetoric about how this is going to change the face of politics and how it's going to be FDR's fireside chats. The data doesn't back it up," said David Burch, marketing manager for TubeMogul, which tracks YouTube video views.

The first video address, released four weekends ago, drew 789,868 viewers over its first three days and is nearing 1 million total, according to TubeMogul's figures. But the second video was viewed 451,077 times in three days, Thanksgiving weekend's video garnered 152,222 views, and this weekend's fourth installment had about 370,000 views as of Monday evening.

What? Blasphemers, sinners, lost souls... Have you abandoned your Messiah? Have you all moved on to the next hip/trendy thing now that Obama has been elected? Are you all busy playing with i-phones, pretending to care about the environment, or shopping for a new pair of skinny jeans? Tragic, just tragic. No one is listening to Mr. Obama ramble on about things he knows nothing about, and making promises he has no intention on keeping (thankfully). Oh well, I'm sure you will all emerge from your coffee bars, Hot Topic's and Whole Foods supermarkets when he finally changes the world, and makes all of your wildest dreams come true. Hold in there Obama.

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