Fired For Refusing to Say "Happy Holidays"

A woman was recently fired for refusing to say "Happy Holidays," because she felt it was a violation of her religious right to say "Merry Christmas" (see the article below). What is this world coming to? I swear, right has become wrong, and wrong is right. This whole liberal policy of everyone being treated exactly the same, and stepping on egg shells so no one is offended, is simply out of hand. If someone wished me a Happy Kwanzaa, or a Happy Hanukkah, I would not be the LEAST bit offended, in fact, I would return the good wishes without a second thought. In no way would I feel like they were trying to force their heritage or religion upon me. Why is Christmas different? Christmas not only celebrates the birth of Christ, but also all that is good about man, including charity, faith, hope, love, etc. Wishing someone a Merry Christmas is simply a friendly greeting, not as an attempt to force religion onto others. For a group of people that claims to be so tolerant, they sure seem intolerant of religion; but homosexuality, abortion and destroying greedy capitalists is ok.

A Florida woman says she was fired from her job for refusing to comply with a policy requiring employees to say "Happy Holidays" to callers — but the company's president claims her story is "absolutely false."

Tonia Thomas says she was terminated two weeks ago from her job at Counts Oakes Resort Properties in Panama City after balking at the rule because it went against her religion. She is suing for lost wages, she said.

Thomas offered to use a generic greeting or say "Merry Christmas" to callers instead, but that offer was denied by company President Andy Phillips, according to the Liberty Counsel — the Christian-based legal group representing her.


Anonymous said...

We all know this is the fault of the eviloutionists. If Darwin wasn't taught in school stuff like this would never happen.

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