Cold Weather Deadlier than Hot Weather

Reuters recently reported that hot weather is the leading cause of natural death disasters. Obviously, this is another ploy by global warming alarmists to get people to buy reusable hemp grocery bags, and cut your showers down to twice a month, in order to save the planet. Reuters:

"Heat is more likely to kill an American than an earthquake, and thunderstorms kill more people than hurricanes do, according to a U.S. “death map” published on Tuesday…

Heat and drought caused 19.6 percent of total deaths from natural hazards, with summer thunderstorms causing 18.8 percent and winter weather causing 18.1 percent, the team at the University of South Carolina found."
Find the entire article here.

But, according to Indur Goklany:

"However, the result that heat is the most deadly natural hazard seems to be an artifact of the data source employed by the authors of the so-called “death map.” Their primary data source is the National Climatic Data Center’s Storm Data. However, the NCDC data for mortality from extreme heat and cold is questionable."

Indur Goklany argues that cold weather is responsible for a far greater number of deaths than heat. He lays it all out beautifully in his essay, found here.


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