Chris Matthews is a Waste of Skin

Ok, this made my brain melt a little bit.

Now, it's no surprise that the mainstream media is in the tank for Obama, that they are liberal, that they have an agenda that they constantly push, that they hate Bush, that they hate conservatives. It's especially no surprise coming from the mush brains at MSNBC. But seriously, Chris Matthews is a waste of skin, why is he still on the air? How can he dare label himself as a journalist? If this video doesn't show that he has no credibility left, I don't know what will. He says that this country needs a successful president. I agree, but I would contend, why didn't you offer the same support to President Bush? Why did you, and your commie-cohorts take advantage of every opportunity to put the President down? Why did you do all you could to undermine him and his decisions? Why is it that you didn't support him, but you will do all you can do to make an Obama presidency successful? I'll answer that for you. You are biased, you don't believe in what Bush believes in, so you won't support it, and you will fight against it. The job of a journalist isn't to label opinion as news. The job of a journalist isn't to approach current events from an angle. If you want to play those games, go work for a tabloid.


Chappy said...

I love it how he first gives a brief lecture on "things that journalists should not do" (question motive), and then immediately follow it up with the statement "I want to do everything I can to make this a successful presidency" as a journalist.

What a piece of crap!

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