Organic Food

Organic food. To me, this is one of the biggest scams out there. If a company slaps an organic symbol on their packaging, people will pay twice as much as the “non-organic” equivalent. Now, I may not have been the best organic chemistry student in college, but I do seem to remember that organic is anything carbon based, usually referring to something found in a living species, specifically a plant or animal. So, isn’t just about everything we eat organic? Can’t I clip some toenails into a box, and label them as “organic soy crisps?” Yes, I am being facetious, I realize that “organic” means it is produced or grown in strict standards without pesticides or genetic altering, I’m just saying…

Consider this. 100 years ago, everything was organic. Sure, there was probably some rudimentary pesticide use, but food was free of genetic alteration (except for selective breeding), preservatives (for the most part), etc. Yet these people lived to be, what, 47? Those preservatives must not be all bad (again, there is some sarcasm being used here).

Here is my point. There is no need to go blow a fat wad of cash at Whole Foods or any other store where the clientele doesn’t bathe on a regular basis. If you want to be healthy, make smart choices with your food and your intake, exercise, reduce your stress levels, and put down the Twinkie and cheesy poofs. You follow those simple guidelines, and you will save loads of money on soy milk, wheat germ, fruit leather, wheat grass, tofu and produce that is exactly the same as the cheap stuff they sell at Wal-Mart; just as healthy for half the price!

Stupid hippies.


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