Obama, the Orator

I actually heard someone say the other day, that they were voting for Obama because he is such a good speaker. I'm afraid that is not an uncommon sentiment. People, perhaps many people, are voting for Obama because they like not necessarily what he has to say, but how he says it. Is this not frightening? Does it not concern you that this man could be elected because there are enough people who would vote for him based solely on his oratory? It scares the crap out of me.

There is a difference between someone who speaks well, and someone who leads well, they are not indicators of the other, they do not lead to one another, nor are they mutually exclusive. Lets look at some examples:

Ronald Reagan, both spoke well, and led well. Great man, great orator.

Bubba Clinton, spoke well, led poorly, he had a fondness for cigars, and was totally devoid of morals.

Hitler, great speaker, so powerful in his words, he probably had all the German actors fawning all over him. To completely understate it, not a good leader.

Moses, amazing leader, led the Jews out of bondage. Great speaker? No, he told God he was slow of speech, and didn't feel like he was able to lead, because of his percieved weakness.

George Bush, not a great orator, but a great leader? Oh yes, he is a great leader, and history will shine kindly on him and all he has done for our country.

Jimmy Carter, poor speaker, poor leader.

Kim Jong Il, great speaker? I don't know, maybe. Psycho? Absolutely.

Osama Bin Laden, great speaker, though he is quiet, and overtly humble, he has inspired people to give their lives. Great leader, of course not.

So, as you can see by these empirical examples, being a good leader does not make one a good speaker. Conversely, being a good speaker does not make one a good leader. They are separate abilities, and very, very unequal in importance and value. Being able to speak well is a great gift, and may make it easier for some to lead. But being a great leader is the only ability, of the two, that matters when it comes to electing a president.

I would much rather have someone who was mute, or stuttered uncontrollably, but was able to steer our country in the right direction, and made choices based on what was best for the country and it's citizens; someone who kept God in the equation when determining the best direction for our country. I would love a president with torettes, that upheld our democracy, and freedom.

While we are on the subject of Obama, and his speaking, I'd like to again point out, that Obama may be able to deliver the words on his teleprompter well, but that is where it ends. When Obama is teleprompter free, he tends to stutter, and throw in a lot of "uhs," and "ums."

Have you noticed he also yells a lot now? He is always speaking so loudly, as if speaking loudly shows how "passionate" he is about something. I'm sorry, but volume is no substitute for substance.

Have you noticed that he no longer has big rallies? His turn out is always very low, and no one seems to be passing out because of his brilliant, radiating light anymore either.

One thing that also bugs me about his speeches lately, is how he gives them with no jacket or tie, with his sleeves rolled up. Does this not come across as contrived to anyone else? "Look at me, I'm Joe-six pack, I like to kick back, with my sleeves rolled up."

Isn't it obvious that his speeches are just platitudes, totally void of substance, answers, alternatives, or solutions? Is there any real policy proposed, that doesn't come across as scantly disguised socialism?

I could go on, and on. But suffice it to say, beware the man with pretty words, they are just a cover for a stinky, steaming pile.


Anonymous said...

"George Bush, not a great orator, but a great leader? Oh yes, he is a great leader, and history will shine kindly on him and all he has done for our country." Notorioiusly Moron

greg said...

"Notorioiusly Moron"

I have to be honest, that doesn't make any sense. I mean, I guess I could see where you were going with that, but you really should work on your grammer, and sentence structure. Maybe next time, you could go with notoriously moronic.

Anonymous said...

what...WHAT has george bush done for my country, or at the very least, for my party? the dumb bastard could barely get the word "c-c-c-c-c-CONSERVE" out of his damned mouth. hes a liberal spender, and a poor spender to boot. oh, and did i mention hes about as acute as an autistic child when it comes to estimating a countries strength? GIVE ME MY RONALD BACK, NOT THIS APE CHILD.

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