Tim Mahoney's "Ethics"

Thanks to Sebatian for the following info:

On March 12, 2008, The Palm Beach Post ran a story where Tim Mahoney touted his vote in creating an independent ethics panel. He is quoted as saying, "The ethical challenges of 2006 taught Congress a powerful lesson: that the American people won't accept anything other than total accountability of members of Congress."
In light of recent allegations that Mahoney, through one of his consultants, paid a former staffer, Patricia Allen, $250,000 in hush money to conceal a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by her, it seems the Congressman doesn't consider himself covered by that vote.
The hi-jinks continue:

Another Palm Beach Post article from a week prior recounts an altercation between Mahoney and Army Corps of Engineers bigwig, Paul Grosskruger, at a DC wine bar which was broken up by Florida State Representative, Michael DiTerlizzi. While everyone was mum about the cause of the fight, it appears that it was actually over Kathy Copeland, a representative of the South Florida Water Management District.

Allegedly, both men were seeing Copeland at the same time without the other's knowledge, and when Mahoney found out about Grosskruger, he accosted him at the DC establishment.

Finally, there is the case of Kim Roden, Martin County's (FL) engineering department operations manager. It appears that, currently, Mahoney is residing at her house in a development called the Villas in Palm City, Fl. While this in itself is clearly not ethical behavior, it is entirely legal. However, Ms. Roden, with Congressman Mahoney's considerable assistance, was instrumental in securing substantial monetary relief from FEMA for hurricane battered Martin County. This skirts the boundaries of legality.

Congressman Mahoney is running under Nancy Pelosi's Aegis of the most ethical Congress in U.S. history. It is uncertain if this is what they had in mind.


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