Obama - "Race questions cast doubt on presidential polls"

This is such garbage. Again the AP does it’s best to help out their pal Obama, AKA Comrade Obama. You see it’s widely known that Obama is slipping in the polls, because more and more American’s are opening their eyes, and seeing Obama for what he really is. They aren’t deciding not to vote for him because of the rumors he is a radical Muslim, or that because he is black, or because of the wacky e-mails going around claiming he is the anti-Christ. No, people are changing their minds, because they realize he is an empty suit, they realize he is just a puppet of the left, they realize he is every bit the politican he claims not to be, they realize he will tax them the shirt off their backs, and “redistribute” it to someone more needy, because it is economically just.

So here comes the AP, trying to account for why Obama is dropping in the polls, and really, if you read into it a little more, they are preparing for the worst case scenario, he doesn’t win. "Race questions cast doubt on presidential polls." They have the audacity to claim that he is lagging, and may not win, because of the Wilder or Bradley Effect. That is, white people will tell pollsters they are voting for him, but when they get in the booth, they just can’t overcome their ignorance, and deep seated racism, and they vote for the other candidate.

Sigh. That’s right media, we aren’t going to vote for him because he’s black. Yep, has nothing to do with the fact that the man is a socialist. Nope, has nothing to do with the fact that Obama only has 143 days of senate “experience.” Naw, has nothing to do with the fact that people are turned off by all the rock star rallies, world-wind tours, and celebrity endorsements; why wouldn’t we want to vote for who Scarlet Johansen tells us to vote for? Get in touch with reality morons; he is not the Messiah, the jig is up.


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