Obama on Drilling for Oil

This guy is such a tool, I swear. So Obama is against drilling, because apparently we can’t “drill our way out” of this problem. So if oil isn’t the solution then why is he for tapping strategic oil reserves? That doesn’t make sense Mr. Obama.

Second, you argue that you are against drilling because there would be no immediate effect, and it could take up to 7 years before we see new oil. Ok… Well why push for researching means of renewable energy? Something that could replace oil is, at a minimum, 20 years away and more realistically, 50 years away. If, by your “logic,” we can’t pursue anything that wouldn’t immediately alleviate pressure at the pump, then we certainly couldn’t chase some pipe dream that is 50 years in the future.

Third, since it is obvious that there is no other source of fuel in the near future, why are you talking about oil as some evil thing that should be avoided like the plague? What alternatives do you suggest? What will we use to run our cars, our factories, your "o-force one" jumbo jet, heat our homes, run our trains, planes, semi trucks, boats, etc.?

Why do you seem so hell-bent on punishing America for being prosperous, and using 25%of the worlds oil? Yes we use a lot, that is because we are the dominant world power. We use a lot because we are the single most successful, prosperous God blessed country the world has ever known! Why, Mr. Obama, is that wrong? Why Mr. Obama, must we cut off the fuel that runs this country with NO ALTERNATIVE fuel source?

Sure oil won’t last forever, and at some point an alternative must be found and used. But it’s not here yet, and it won’t be found if the rug is pulled out from under us before it can be found. So quit being such a short-sited, ignorant douche bag, and do what is best for the Country, not what you think is best for your socialist agenda. American's won't acquiesce on this point, we need oil, and we will not continue to pay $3, $4, and $5 at the pump.


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