Obama: "Americans Should Learn Spanish..."

Obama seems to think that those who believe that English should be the offical language of the US, are wrong. We shouldn't just expect immigrants to learn English, we should also learn Spanish. He uses tourists as an example; how we go to other countries on vacation, and all we can say is hello, and goodbye in their language. Obama, I got some news for you, immigrants aren't on VACATION!!! These people live in our country, and refuse to learn our language; instead they demand that we put everything into Spanish as well. Well I am sick of it, I shouldn't have to push one for English, or two for Spanish. You want to live here, then learn to live here as one of us.


Jessica said...

That's unbelievable!! This is one of my huge pet peeves.

Anonymous said...

Well, did our European ancestors try to learn the Native American languages when they immigrated to this continent? Oh, and I am most certainly sure they didn't come to America for a vacation either.

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