I'd give some blood for oil...

It looks like all of my letters, and petition signing is starting to pay off. Yesterday, Bob Bennett and Orin Hatch came out in support of lifting the moratorium on oil shale excavation. Utah is one of several states with enormous deposits of oil shale; enough shale to make us oil independent. Their support came on the heels of President Bush, urging congress to lift the moratorium on offshore drilling. President Bush also recently asked Americans to contact their congressmen, urging them to explore domestic oil sources, and lift all bans, in an effort to lower gas prices, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

This is all great news, but I still have a couple of problems. First, why in the freak isn’t congress bending over backwards to do whatever it needs to do, in order to lower gas prices. Second, why in the freak wasn’t something done years ago? Oil production has dropped steadily in the US for many years. Both questions have one answer, the left. The leftists out there don’t want us to drill for oil, they want oil dead, for many reasons.

First, the environment. Ignoring the fact that no one else in the world could drill more environmentally safe than the US, liberals claim that drilling and mining would destroy the environment. Worse than that, the fuel we use causes pollution, and pollution leads to global warming. Sigh. Would they rather have Mexico produce all the oil? No offense to our friends down south, but I think we could do a much cleaner job of it. As far as pollution goes, I wonder if the earth has even felt the dent we made by idling our cars at McDonalds, and mowing the lawn more often than is needed. Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant, it is a necessary gas. Plants live off the stuff, and produce oxygen from it for craps sake. I am all for creating cleaner, more cost effective fuels, bring it on; but until that technology is here, and economically feasible, we need to work with what we have, and we have a lot of damn oil.

Second, the left hates big business, and it doesn’t get much bigger than oil. Well those commies can shove it. Capitalism is what drove this country out of the Great Depression, and it is what makes this the most powerful, admired, and often hated country in the world. And as far as I’m concerned, if anyone is going to take all of my expendable income, I would rather it be an American company, on an American product; domestic oil. These liberal tree-huggers would love for capitalism to fail, and for socialism to replace it. The libs love power, and socialism would give them much, much more of it. So, you dry up the blood of capitalism (oil), you bring down the machine. Why else would they be so adamant about preventing domestic oil production.

There are a lot more complexities involved, but each wrinkle in the fabric is about power.


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