The many faces of Obama

Obama feels the need to defend his patriotism. Today in Independence Missouri, he gave a big speech on patriotism, and declared, among other things, that he would never "question others patriotism."

Why then didn't your speech include a denunciation of General Wesley Clark's comments, regarding John McCain? The man basically dragged McCain's military service through the mud, but you say nothing? Sure your campaign staff released a statement saying you condemned the comment; but is that enough given the circumstances? One HAS to consider the timing of the two comments. Obama just happens to give this speech the day after General Clark's comments. Hmmmm.

You are such a two-faced pile of politician. Come on Obama, now you wear the American Flag Lapel pin? Now, after you send Clark to do your dirty work, you reject attacking peoples patriotism? You may have Scarlet Johansen fooled, but your not fooling me. You can cram it with walnuts, ugly.


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