Global Warming Taxes - Lets Learn From Others

What can we learn from our friends in New Zealand, England and other friendly countries? Entire elections are being swayed by the issue of global warming, approval ratings are plummeting, and real change is occurring; citizens are standing up, and letting their voices be heard, but it may not be for the reason you think.

They AREN’T pushing their governments to pass new global warming legislation, or lobbying their representatives to protect rare butterflies or rodents. Nope, politicians are losing their jobs, parties are being overthrown, and current policies are being turned on their heads because their constituents have had enough of the global warming scam. Our friends across the sea have had higher taxes forced down their throats for years, under the guise of being protected from increased temperatures, and ruined ecosystems. After so many tax hikes, with no results, and still no hard evidence that what they are fighting even exists, the people have had enough.

Come on people, open your eyes, look outside our borders, and learn from the mistakes of others. Obama AND McCain want to hike taxes related to global warming. We don’t need to suffer, when we have an empirical example of what happens when politicans stray down this road. Write your local government, state representatives, and news editors. Let your voice be heard, tell Washington we don’t want any more taxes. It’s our money, not theirs.

Here are some interesting links I found on (

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