Cruel and Unusual

The Supreme Court recently ruled (again by 5-4) that people found guilty of raping a child cannot be executed. They stated cruel and unusual punishment as the reason behind their ruling. Cruel AND unusual punishment… Tell me, what is rape to the victim? Can you honestly conceive anything more cruel or punishing that raping a child? Furthermore, is lethal injection cruel and unusual? Perhaps you could argue one or the other. But both? It's not cruel, they are put under before they are injected, they don't feel a thing. Unusual, no, we aren't hanging them by their toes, and beating them with trout while they are injected.

The statement by Justice Anthony Kennedy is what really irks me: "The death penalty is not a proportional punishment for the rape of a child," You moron, you flaming liberal, you… I would venture to say that a murder has less negative impact on child victim, than does rape. A murdered child is guaranteed a happy life with God, but a raped child is virtually guaranteed a life of mental torture and fear.

I say, send these people to God, and let him sort them out. These violent, brutish, morally void thugs don’t deserve the gift of life. Rape may not take the life of their young victims, but it does destroy them. For all those people that support the court ruling; would you feel comfortable having a “rehabilitated,” convicted child rapist living next door to you and your kids? I’d love to know your opinion.

The AP article can be found here. But don't forget how liberal the AP is.


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