The Bump...

I feel like my head is going to explode. I just saw a headline on Yahoo, about Michelle Obama, demanding she be “greeted properly” on the TV show “The View.” Unfortunately the article was referring to “the bump.” For those not in the know, a “bump” is when you greet someone by bumping your fist against theirs. The first time I saw Obama do this to his wife, on stage at a rally, I about tossed my cookies all over the TV. To me this simple act highlights all of Obama’s weaknesses and outright lack of qualification to be president. He comes across to me as a jock in High School running for Senior Class President, or Prom King. I half expect to see a campaign ad promising better snacks in the vending machines. Are people insane? Who would vote for this guy? This isn’t who’s cooler, the old guy, or the guy that pounds the rock instead of shaking hands.

This man is an amateur folks, a real hack. The man was only in the senate for two years before he started campaigning for president. He was immediately touted as Americas great and only hope by the Dems and main stream media. He spews nothing but recycled, failed platitudes and policies from the Carter Administration, or FDR’s the New Deal; his speech writer David Axelrod also wrote for John Edwards, and Hillary Clinton; yet he claims to be the only hope for change. Can anyone name anything, anything that qualifies this man to be president? Let me preempt that by saying, being a senator for two years doesn’t qualify you, especially when you voted “present” over 100 times.

Being black doesn’t qualify you for being president; also, am I the only one that’s noticed he’s not even black, he’s half black, which means he is also half white. I don’t think race should factor into this at all, but since the Dems focus on it so much, I thought I would point that out.

Being rated as the most liberal senator doesn’t qualify you to be president. Nothing this man has done, has qualified him to be president. I personally can’t even think of one piece of quality legislation proposed, or enacted by this man. This whole Obama thing seems to be a popularity race, with people fainting, and celebrities coming out in droves to support him. This isn’t High School, and we aren’t electing the next Prom King.


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