Racism and Obama Policy

Former President Jimmy Carter says that racism is the basis for the protests against Obama’s policies. This statement seeks to silence those who are opposed to the current policy. Carter’s words continue to drive a wedge between the races by creating an issue where none exists.

I realize that racism and even sexism still exists in the world, but when you label anyone who opposes a policy, because he is not a white male, is absolutely wrong. Carter states that the opposition to Obama’s policy is really because he an African- American. Using his misguided logic, I must hate white males because I was opposed to his polices when he was president. Apparently, the rest of the voting public that tossed him out of office were driven by racism as well. Interesting, since I am a white male.
A majority of our nation elected Obama demonstrating that most were not concerned with his race. The Tea Party movement is the result of a major disagreement about policy especially health care. Personally I do not care if the president was Black, White or Purple; I would be opposed to the same policies coming out of Washington regardless of the race or sex of the policy maker. Their logic seems to suggest that if a white male had the same ideas they would be accepted with open arms. This is absolutely a false premise.
The outburst by Joe Wilson from South Carolina during Obama’s address to the joint session started this dialogue. Some say that this has never happened before and want to crucify Joe Wilson. Carter believes his outburst was driven by racism. This may not have been the appropriate time, place or forum, to voice his opinion. However, due to recent events –I can understand why he might have acted out as he did.
There has been deliberate attempts by the president and members of both houses to deny that certain provisions exist in the health care bill. They have flat out lied about it.
Even Obama stated the AARP was endorsing his health care plan, however that was not true. They later released the following statement saying they have not endorsed any plan.
August 11, 2009

AARP Reacts to President’s Health Care Town Hall

WASHINGTON – AARP Chief Operating Officer Tom Nelson issued this statement following remarks by the President at a town hall event in New Hampshire on health care reform.

“AARP has been working with Democrats and Republicans to fix our broken health care system.

“While the President was correct that AARP will not endorse a health care reform bill that would reduce Medicare benefits, indications that we have endorsed any of the major health care reform bills currently under consideration in Congress are inaccurate.

“AARP supports specific measures that would help older Americans and their families – including bipartisan proposals to create a new follow-up care benefit in Medicare that would help prevent hospital re-admissions, as well as to address the Medicare prescription drug coverage gap known as the ‘doughnut hole.’ We also support the need for lawmakers and the Administration to act this year to fix what doesn’t work in the health care system.

“We share the President’s commitment to act this year, and our members appreciate his insistence that any final reform package will not reduce Medicare benefits for the millions of people that literally depend on that program as a lifeline.

“We look forward to working with leaders of both parties, including the President, to build a final package we could endorse that addresses the concerns of the 50-plus population and brings quality, affordable health care choices to every American.”

Carter has crawled into the gutter with the rest of race baiting haters that really do not ever want to get past the race issue. They want to continue to ferment their hate for their own personal and selfish reasons. Carter’s comments are tantamount to flipping a match into dry brush and fanning the flames of hatred. As an outside observer it seems all he wants to do is be the “center” of attention since his legacy as president is one of complete failure.
It should be obvious to anyone that the debate on health care is justified. In my opinion, this is the biggest issue our country has ever tackled. It is bigger than the establishment of Social Security, because this will affect every living person in this country from birth to death. Social Security only affects your retirement years. Health care could not only affect your entire life, but possibly whether you survive to retirement. The continued attacks against Americans who want be part of the debate is un-American. Furthermore, it has nothing to do with race, but the policy being espoused. Instead of constructive ideas and debate some just want throw around “hate speech” so they can feel important and silence the opposition. -Read my other posts on ACORN- ©2009 www.epubliuspost.com


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