Obama’s Approval Rating Drops as the Sleeping Giant Wakes Up

According to the latest Zogby International poll, Obama’s popularity has plummeted to a record low with only 45 percent of voters approving of his performance. This indicates that voters are unhappy with the direction of the debate on health care. Dick Morris told Newsmax "As soon as Obama dropped below 52 percent . . . he was leaking real voters who had backed him in November. Now that he is down to 45 percent among likely voters . . . he is in deep political trouble."

Independent voter’s support of Obama is 37.5 percent; compared to 59.2 percent who disapprove.

In general terms, independent voters tend to be fiscally conservative and more liberal on social issues. In the 1980’s, independents supported Ronald Reagan for president and often support candidates that speak of governmental change. In the recent election the theme from the Obama camp, was “change.” Those voters wanted fiscal reform, not an expansion of government programs that will leave them with spare change in their pocket and third world health care.

Newsmax reported, “Experts say the failure of the $787 billion stimulus to deliver on Obama's promise of massive jobs creation, the ongoing economic woes, and the increasingly bitter fight over Democrats' determination to push the government-subsidized, public-option healthcare reforms are among the reasons for Obama's rapid descent.” [1]

The fact is the public recognizes that our representatives in Washington have not read the entire health care bill and even have admitted so. They have tried vilifying those who do not support the program as right-wing extremists. Town hall meetings have been heated and some of those who represent us in Washington have refused to hold town hall meetings, because they are unwilling to face their constituents. To make matters worse, their words and actions come from the position that they are reigning over us, instead of representing us.

Another voting bloc that is going to continue to erode is the elderly. Recently, there has been 60,000 members cancel their memberships with AARP over the purposed cuts in Medicare. AARP has been a major supporter of the health care over haul. They have stated they are not supporting any bill at this time and will not support any cuts in Medicare benefits. The truth is some of their members are not buying that logic. They know that if you cut funding to Medicare at some point in the future that will affect benefits.

Governmental spending is out of control and many people are beginning to recognize that we do not have the money to support all of these programs, especially health care. History has shown they have done a poor job with Social Security and Medicare. Even the “Cash for Clunkers” program has been a debacle. The government owes auto dealerships millions of dollars and has done a terrible job managing this very tiny program. I would ask, if you cannot manage a simple program like “Cash for Clunkers”… why, would I trust you with my health care? Not to mention the fact that the program cost three times their projections.

All of these factors show why the president’s popularity is declining. As more voters recognize that all of these government programs are cause of, not solution to our problems, more voters will abandon Obama and the Democratic Party. Ronald Reagan said “Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them” and he had it right. Washington has awoken the sleeping giant and her strength is growing. ©2009 www.epubliuspost.com
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conservative generation said...

Great blog. I've add you to my bloglist.

I think that rational people aren't willing to turn over health care while the President is doing a poor job with the economy, banks, and auto industry. It's only logical. I can't see why the left doesn't get it.

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