Liberal Democrats Attempt to Squelch Free Speech

The Democrats are using their August break to attempt to change the public perception of their health care plan. Working in concert with the White House, they are being greeted with strong opposition. Instead of doing their duty as elected officials and listening to the voting public, they have accused Republicans of organizing angry mobs.

I find this an interesting spin on the “Vast Right Wing” conspiracies that Hillary Clinton once accused the Republicans of during her husband’s tenure in the White House. The same people who organized war protests during the Vietnam era now have a lot of nerve vilifying those who protest government policy. Last I checked, the first amendment of the constitution protects free speech and freedom of assembly.

Nancy Pelosi and House Majority House leader Steny Hoyer in a recent column published in the USA Today stated that the public’s dissent was un-American. Making statements like this is truly un-American. The fact is our democracy is built on the public’s right to speak out against government policy.

Even more concerning is President Obama’s encouragement of citizens to report to the White House “fishy” e-mails or web sites that spread what the administration calls disinformation about the health-care plan. The claim is that the White House is not compiling lists or sources of information. Spokeswoman Linda Douglass said in an e-mail “We may post fact-checks from time to time to be sure Americans know the truth about health-insurance reform.” [1]

I have a difficult time believing that the White House has the staff or the time to sift through all of the reports coming into them. Reality tells me that there is a list.

The question is what is next? Chinese styled re-education camps for those who do not agree with the government’s vision?

This country was founded on the idea that we can have a public discourse about government policy. Our elected officials are supposed to be the voice of the people, not the voice of some lobbying group.

In this high-tech, modern age information spreads quickly and can be checked and rechecked in a matter of moments. The government hates this because that cannot control the information. Control is an important term – this really means they can indoctrinate the public on only their view of things. This is the reason that communists and dictators control the media in their countries. They know if they control the flow of information, they remain in power. Knowledge is power.

Liberal Democrats over the past couple of decades have attacked talk radio, conservative newspapers, commentators and web based news agencies. They want to silence anyone who opposes their policies, which is an attempt to squelch free speech. Why? Because they know, their arguments are built on false premises and half-truths. If their position were accurate and truthful, they would embrace the argument not attack those who have valid questions and wish to be heard.

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