The Obamamatrix.

I want each of you to take a minute and think of the name of a Michael Jackson song. Now please complete the following poll:

Now I want you to name both Senators from your state and at least one Congressman, preferably the one from your home district. Now complete the following poll:

I want you to stop and ask yourself this question; why could you answer the first question and not the second?

If you have been honest in all likelihood you could not name those who are tasked with your representation but you knew the songs made famous by a pedophile.

The founding fathers understood the dangers involved with our form of government and they dismissed them (except for Jefferson) as they trusted that the populace would remain ever vigilant. We have failed in our duties and our nation is paying the price.

We have become lax, inattentive and apathetic when it comes to the political process. This is due in part to the pop culture nation we have become. That which is glamorous holds our attention far longer than that which requires thought and diligence. Hedonism takes precedence over principles, entertainment over civic duty.

What we have done is to relinquish our rights in favor of Hollywood heroin. We can name every actor that played in “Friends” or “24” but not a single representative whose decisions affect our very lives and futures. We are so strung out on “fame” that we take more interest in who celeb “x” is sleeping with than we do in how much Senator “Y” is raising our taxes.

We acquire our political knowledge from “West Wing” and our social views from Bill Maher. We are barren of independent thought or the desire to even discover what it is. It’s so much simpler to be spoon fed our opinions from our favorite talking heads.

Is it any wonder that most of us who have sworn of the terrible addiction of “vacuous star adulation” have emerged from that gray haze to find ourselves utterly alone and our country on the verge of ruin? Not unlike Neo’s first view of the world outside of the Matrix the world around us is surreal and without substance. I wish that I had taken the other pill.

Now that I am awake I feel it is my task to pull as many as I can from the clutches of the Obamamatrix. They must be awakened from their hedonistic dreams and alerted to the desolation the looms. If you read this and understand you must do the same.

We have allowed what was once great to fall into disrepair. It is our duty to restore our country to its former glory. As long as we are asleep in our blissful ignorance it worsens and soon will cease to exist at all.


Anonymous said...

dude that's deep.

lemme see if i got this straight. turn off your tv and get involved in politics. you should know your politicians, unless of course some half-assed blogger tells you otherwise.

maybe you should turn off fox news.

i'm not defending obama here, by the by, dude's failed on a number of promises which were the cornerstone of his candidacy. i'm just pointing out how this makes no sense at all.

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