Diabetes sucks! Cures are Good

By Derek

About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes. At first I took pills but those proved ineffective after a few years and I moved on to daily (multiple times a day) insulin injections. While I'm grateful that its relatively simple to stay alive, it really sucks. I mean REALLY REALLY SUCKS. Then along comes some professor down in Florida who bioengineers lettuce to solve my problem:

University of Central Florida professor Henry Daniell has come up with a way to train the body’s immune system to make its own insulin using genetically engineered lettuce that includes the insulin gene. Instead of injections, which deliver insulin to the bloodstream, Daniell uses the freeze-dried lettuce in powder or capsule form. The lettuce cells protect the insulin as it goes through the digestive system. Once in the intestines, the lettuce cells break down, and the remaining insulin triggers an immune response that results in the body making its own insulin cells.

Diabetic mice treated with Daniell’s therapy showed normal blood and urine sugar levels after eight weeks. “These animals pretty much got cured,” he says.
They are looking for $20 million to start human trials. I think that Messiah Obama should fund this. I mean, hell, we are paying to control pig smell in Iowa. This would help about 25 million Americans. Me included.



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